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Kosmos 1151 / Okean-E is one of a series of Soviet and then Russian-Ukrainian of polar orbiting oceanography satellites. The first satellite in the series was launched in 1980. Kosmos 1151, along with Kosmos 1076, were early Okean-E series prototypes, launched on the 23rd January 1980 and 12th February 1979 respectively. The Kosmos 1151 mission ended on the 13th October 1981.

Launch Date:23.01.1980, 07:00 UT
Mass1950.0 kg

It is believed that the satellite will burn up during re-entry into the atmosphere but, but some metallic elements could reach the Earth. The  exact re-entry location cannot yet b specified.




Posts: 131433

Cosmos 1151 was a Soviet test satellite launched on the 23rd January 1980 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome aboard a Tsyklon 3 rocket

Kosmos 1151 is expected to re-enter the Earths atmosphere on the 10th August 2014 @ 10:42 UT ±84 hours.

Perigee:234.4 km
Apogee:245.7 km 
Inclination:82.4 ° 
Period:89.2 minutes 


1 11671U 80005A   14208.89377961  .00620192  22161-3  47296-3 0  5817
2 11671 082.4372 271.2726 0008532 229.1438 130.9128 16.15079290894700

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