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Mare Imbrium

Mare Imbrium captured with a 100mm refractor and Vesta pro webcam.
Light yellow filter + IR-cut filter
Observing conditions: Good but Moon halo

Mare Imbrium, Latin for "Sea of Showers" or "Sea of Rains", is a vast lunar mare filling a basin on Earth's Moon and one of the larger craters in the Solar System. Mare Imbrium was created when lava flooded the giant crater formed when a very large object hit the Moon long ago. The Moon's maria (plural of mare) have fewer features than other areas of the Moon because molten lava pooled in the craters and formed a relatively smooth surface. Mare Imbrium is not as flat as it was originally because later events have altered its surface.
With a diameter of 1146 km it is second only to Oceanus Procellarum in size among the maria, and it is the largest mare associated with an impact basin. Apollo 15 landed in the southeastern region of Mare Imbrium, near the Apennine Mountains.

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