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RE: BZ Ursae Majoris

Title: Polarimetry and the Long Awaited Superoutburst of BZ UMa
Authors: A. Price, J. Masiero, A. A. Henden, T. Vanmunster, D. Boyd, S. Dvorak, A. Oksanen, J. Shears, D. Starkey, A. Arminski, D. Collins, D. Durig, B. Harris, R. Koff, M. Koppelman, T. Krajci, M. Reszelski, M. Simonsen, T. Arranz, R. Tomlin, D. Wells

BZ UMa is a cataclysmic variable star whose specific classification has eluded researchers since its discovery in 1968. It has outburst and spectral properties consistent with both U Gem class dwarf novae and intermediate polars. We present new photometric and polarimetric measurements of recent outbursts, including the first detected superoutburst of the system. Statistical analysis of these and archival data from outbursts over the past 40 years present a case for BZ UMa as a non-magnetic, U Gem class, SU-UMa subclass dwarf novae.

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Posts: 131433

The cataclysmic variable star BZ Ursae Majoris appears to be in outburst.
It was discovered by Keith Graham on June 22nd at mag 11.5.
Outbursts are short and usually last only 3-4 days.
The "dwarf nova" BZ UMa is located in Ursa Major, and has a listed magnitude of is v=15-16.

Position(2000): RA= 08 53 44.2 Dec = +57 48 41

-- Edited by Blobrana at 12:36, 2006-06-23

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