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NGC 2276

NGC 2276 (also Arp 114, Arp 25, IRAS 07101+8550, MCG 14-4-28, UGC 3740 and PGC 21039) is a magnitude 11.4 face-on barred spiral galaxy located 111 million light-years away in the constellation Cepheus. 
The galaxy can be found 02' NE of the double star HD 51141, whose main component is magnitude +8.0 and a secondary of magnitude +9.8.

NGC 2276 is a starburst galaxy, with new stars forming annually. The galaxy is gravitational interacting with the neighbouring (separation 06') elliptical galaxy NGC 2300.
The galaxy is listed twice in the 1966 Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies by Halton Arp, first as Arp 25, in the category spiral galaxies with one heavy arm, and secondly as Arp 114, in the category of elliptical galaxies close to and perturbing spiral galaxies.

The galaxy was discovered by German astronomer Friedrich August Theodor Winnecke using a 24 cm (9-inch) refracting telescope at the Berlin Observatory on the 26th June 1876. 

NGC 2276 has hosted one of the most prolific supernovae in historical times:
SN 1962Q - magnitude +16.9, discovered on 25 February 1962 by Shachbazian and Iskudarian
SN 1968V - magnitude +15.7, discovered on 26 January 1968 by Shachbazian
SN 1968W - magnitude +16.6, discovered on 24 March 1968 by Iskudarian
SN 1993X - magnitude +16.3, Type II, discovered on 22 August 1993 by Treffers, Filippenko , Leibundgut, Paik Lee, Richmond.
SN 2005dl - magnitude +17.0, Type II, discovered on 25 August 2005 by Alessandro Dimai and Marco Migliardi by the telescope of Col Druscié of Cortina d'Ampezzo
SN 2016gfy - magnitude +16.3, Type II, discovered on 20 September 2005 by Victor Buso.

Right Ascension 07h 27m 14s, Declination +85° 45' 18"

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