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Lunar Bridge

Title: On the So-Called "Lunar Bridge"
Authors: Sadil, F.

This article gives the results of the visual observations at the end of 1955 of the so-called "lunar bridge", at the Public Observatory (the former Stefánik Observatory) in Prague.

On July 29th 1953. Mr J. O'Neill, Science Editor of the New York Herald Truibune was observing the eastern border of Mare Crisium, which was then illuminated by a setting sun. Using a 4-inch refractor, enlargement 90x, he saw an illuminated area on the floor of Mare Crisium, adjoining the Eastern rampart. 

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The feature is observable 2-3 days after a Full Moon (330° Phase, 0.933 Illuminated Fraction).

See also: LROC finds natural bridges on Moon 

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