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Title: SOAP-T: A tool to study the light-curve and radial velocity of a system with a transiting planet and a rotating spotted star
Authors: M. Oshagh, I. Boisse, G. Boué, M. Montalto, N. C. Santos, X. Bonfils, N. Haghighipour

We present an improved version of SOAP (Boisse et al. 2012) named "SOAP-T", which can generate the radial velocity variations and light-curves for systems consisting of a rotating spotted star with a transiting planet. This tool can be used to study the anomalies inside transit light-curves and the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect, to better constrain the orbital configuration and properties of planetary systems and active zones of their host stars. Tests of the code are presented to illustrate its performance and to validate its capability when compared with analytical models and real data. Finally, we apply SOAP-T to the active star, HAT-P-11, observed by the NASA Kepler space telescope and use this system to discuss the capability of this tool in analysing light-curves for the cases where the transiting planet overlaps with the star's spots.

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