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Jovian magnetosphere

Title: The large-scale energetic ion layer in the high latitude Jovian magnetosphere as revealed by Ulysses/HI-SCALE cross-field intensity-gradient measurements
Authors: G.C. Anagnostopoulos, I. Karanikola, P.K. Marhavilas, E.T. Sarris

Ulysses investigated the high latitude Jovian magnetosphere for a second time after Pioneer 11 mission and gave us the opportunity to search the structure and the dynamics of this giant magnetosphere above the magnetodisc. Kivelson(1976) and Kennel & Coroniti(1979) reported that Pioneer 11 observed energetic particle intensities at high latitudes at the same level with those measured in the plasma sheet and inferred that they were not consistent with the magnetodisc model. Ulysses observations supported the idea about a large-scale layer of energetic ions and electrons in the outer high latitude Jovian magnetosphere (Cowley et al.1996; Anagnostopoulos et al. 2001). This study perform a number of further tests for the existence of the large scale layer of energetic ions in the outer high latitude Jovian magnetosphere by studying appropriate cross-B field anisotropies in order to monitor the ion northward/southward intensity gradients. In particular, we examined Ulysses/HI-SCALE observations of energetic ions with large gyro-radius (0.5-1.6MeV protons and >2.5MeV heavy(Z>5) ions) in order to compare instant intensity changes with remote sensing intensity gradients. Our analysis confirms the existence of an energetic particle layer in the north hemisphere, during the inbound trajectory of Ulysses travelling at moderate latitudes, and in the south high-latitude duskside magnetosphere, during the outbound segment of the spacecraft trajectory. Our Ulysses/HI-SCALE data analysis also provides evidence for the detection of an energetic proton magnetopause boundary layer during the outbound trajectory of the spacecraft. During Ulysses flyby of Jupiter the almost permanent appearance of alternative northward and southward intensity gradients suggests that the high latitude layer appeared to be a third major area of energetic particles, which coexisted with the radiation belts and the magnetodisc.

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