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Vista Download

Today, Microsoft will make Windows Vista Beta 2 available to download.

(Their website is currently experiencing bandwidth problems)

EN_DVD.iso (32 bit, 3Gb)
EN_DVD.iso (x64, 3Gb)

-- Edited by Blobrana at 03:18, 2006-06-08



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Windows Sidebar

Microsoft has put together a beta Web site for hosting gadgets that run within the Windows Sidebar. The Gallery enables users to find available gadgets and allows developers to submit their own creations.

Microsoft is accepting feedback and is expected to add more information and RSS feed support. Microsoft also released a beta SDK that provides documentation and examples for those interested in building Windows Live Gadgets for both Live.com and the Windows Sidebar.

Web Link:



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DirectX 10

Microsoft will not release next-generation graphics application programming interface (API) called DirectX 10 for the currently shipping Windows XP operating system (OS), instead, the company will keep the new API strictly for the forthcoming Windows Vista OS, despite earlier assumptions about DirectX 10 for the XP.




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RE: Longhorn

Windows Vista Beta 2 has officially been released to testers, via Microsoft's Connect portal. The build number is 5384.4. Windows Server "Longhorn" has also been released to testers. The packages are available for both the x86 and x64 platforms.

The Vista Beta 2 x86 DVD is 3,200.15 MB, and the x64 DVD is 4,109.73 MB. The package contains Ultimate, Home Basic, Home Premium, and Business binaries. As ever, the key used is what determines what SKU you see.

Download (Connect Testers Only)



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Vista prices

The final Windows Vista prices, classified by product editions (SKUs) just leaked over the web:

-Windows Vista Home Basic - 200 or $255.55 or 135.95
-Windows Vista Home Premium - 400 or $511.10 or 271.90
-Windows Vista Ultimate Edition - 500 or $638.88 or 339.87
-Windows Vista Business - 650 or $830.54 or 441.84
-Windows Vista Enterprise - 800 or $1,022.20 or 543.80

(They seem a bit high so i would suspect the authenticity)

-- Edited by Blobrana at 23:38, 2006-05-21



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Vista Transformation Pack

Do you want to try out Vista?

The Longhorn Transformation Pack version 4 has been released.
The project has updated the name to Vista now. As usual, this will transform your XP OS to have sidebars and see through windows...

Changes in Version 4.0
-Added batch-script blocking detection function (No more transforming with batch problems)
-Added closing explorer.exe to prevent conflicts in Repairing and Uninstalling
-Added Logoff/Shutdown button text removing option
-Added Progress message for Repairing and Uninstalling
-Added repair mode option (to repair only updates files with backing up or all files without backing up)
-Added some Vista 536x wallpapers
-Added un-official Windows Vista sounds by digitalfive.org
-Added Vista.ru's Windows Media Player 11 (codename Eclipse) skin
-Added Vista System Properties dialog
-Added Vista Transformation Pack FAQ (contributed by members in forum)
-Added Windows drive icon
-Fixed font changing bug
-Fixed icons bug in shell32.dll
-Fixed losing updated files after transformation from repairing
-Fixed operating system detection bug in maintenance centre
-Fixed WindowBlinds 5 installation path
-Removed First-Run transformation mode to prevent confusions
-Removed Longhorn and unused stuffs (developed from Lite branch)
-Removed Longhorn SideBar due to discontinued and couple of bugs
-Updated Rebuild Icon Cache program to use Visual Basic 6 Runtime
-Updated Vista Boot Screen to beta 2 inspired
-Updated Vista file processing dialog
-Updated Vista icons to build 5365
-Updated Vista LogonUI to build 5365
-Updated Vista Progress dialog
-Updated Vista Toolbar style options
-Updated Vista tray icons
-Updated visual styles
-Fixed CaptionButton positioning bug in "Aero Style (Vista - Beta 1)"
-Fixed CaptionButton transparency bug in WindowBlinds skin
-Fixed Horizontal shellstyle bug in Beta 2
-Fixed Logoff/Shutdown button alignment in Beta themes and WindowBlinds skin
-Fixed ListviewHeader background
-Fixed PlaceItem positioning bug
-Fixed StartButton bugs
-Fixed TabItem border in WindowBlinds skin
-Fixed UserPicture positioning bug
-Updated Glass border in visual styles WindowBlinds skin (Actual 5342 port)
-Updated ListBox background in WindowBlinds skin
-Updated shellstyles in Beta 2 visual styles with awesome mods!
-Updated StartButton in Beta 2 visual styles
-Updated StartPanel in Beta 2 visual styles
-Updated Shutdown/Logoff button in StartPanel
-Updated TabItem
-Updated ToolBarBackground
-Updated ToolBarButtons
-Updated UserPicture background to common ones

Download: Vista Transformation Pack 4.0



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Vista Upgrade Advisor

Microsoft has released an application that informs users of what upgrades their systems may need in order to run the operating system.

Along with possible upgrades, it also determines which version of Windows Vista is best suited for the user.
The program first starts by scanning your computer, as the program is scanning, the user is asked questions such as what you would like to do with the operating system and what it's main use will be. Once the scan is complete, the program notifies the user of the specific hardware upgrades that will be required to run the Operating System corresponding to the choices the user makes during the scan.

The program is still in the beta stage, however Microsoft plans to release an updated version before the official release of Windows Vista in 2007.

Download: Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor BETA (4mb, VistaUpgradeAdvisor.msi )



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RE: Longhorn

Microsoft has just revealed the final Windows Vista Hardware Requirements:

Minimal Specs (Called Vista-Ready PCs):
-800Mhz Processor
-512 MB of RAM
-DirectX 9-Capable Graphics Processor

Recommended Specs (Called Premium-Ready PCs):
-1 Ghz Processor
-128 MB Graphics Memory, numerous other graphics-related requirements
-1 GB System Memory

Microsoft also plans to make an advertisement campaign around those required machines, in order to make people be sure their machine will meet those requirements, and this campaign should be revealed on May 18th, in this case tomorrow.
This announcement was made to prepare the also planned WinHEC release of Windows Vista Beta 2 (Supposedly Build 5384, last known compiled build as of today), which will likely be made public in the days following its release at WinHEC.

These requirements are about what was expected, maybe a little bit below. As previously announced, most PCs sold within last year might be Vista-Ready, though very few fully meet the Premium-Ready requirements.



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Windows Media Player

Have you had problems with your OEM windows installing WMP 11?
Here are two workarounds to sort it out.

WGA workaround: WinRAR needed.
-Extract installer (mpsetup.exe)
-run wmp11.exe in folder (not setup_wm.exe)
-restart your pc,
-run three other exe's in extracted folder (not setup_wm.exe)
- Test.

If that doesn`t work...
-Rename wmplayer.exe in C:Program Files/Windows Media Player to something else,
-Extract wmp11.exe (already in your first extracted folder), and
-copy wmplayer.exe from that folder to your program files folder

Windows Media Player 11 - Genuine Validation workaround (cracked legitlib.dll)
1. Extract mpsetup.exe using WinRAR (right click on mpsetup.exe -> "Extract to mpsetup")
2. Get legitlib.dll (password: www.alfa-soft.tk) from HERE
3. Replace legitlib.dll with cracked one (download: www.alfa-soft.tk)
4. Run setup_wm.exe to install Windows Media Player 11.



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Media Player 11

Microsoft have released Windows Media Player 11 public beta.

Windows Media Player 11 Homepage

The build number of the new public beta is 11.0.5358.4827 (the leaked version is 11.0.5358.4826).

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